Purchase Your Yearbook by Friday! Plus, PTA Meeting Next Week

PTA Announcements

Yearbook: The yearbook will be on sale until Friday, May 6th! We have a very short window of time for families to order yearbooks.  Please follow the instructions below to place your order today.  The cost of the yearbook is $22

  1. Go to: www.coffeepond.com
  2. Click on Yearbook and then Yearbook Order.  
  3. The password for our school is lions

"Attention photographer parents and teachers!"
We are looking for a few more photos to complete our  2015-2016 Lilja Yearbook. Please feel free to send along a cute photo of your student if it was taken at Lilja or on a field trip with the school. These yearbooks are meant to create school spirit, and be a lasting memory of each students experience at Lilja. Please email your photo to lizziegorman@gmail.com and identify what grade your student is in, so the photo is placed on the correct page. Thanks so much!

Staff Appreciation: Thank you to all who contributed to Lilja's staff appreciation week.
It was a great success, that showed our incredible staff how much the Lilja parents appreciate them! A special thank you to Lisa McDonough, Linda Danahy, and Gina Arthur for organizing the event.

PTA Meeting: Our monthly PTA meeting will be on Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00PM.  The PTA will provide complimentary babysitting for the meeting.  Our topics will include Yoga for classrooms and Take a Break Baskets.

Get the PTA Announcements: Make sure you’re in the know about news and upcoming events from the PTA. Sign up to receive our announcements by visiting: liljaparentteacher.org

Outside Events

The Rotary Club of Natick is excited to announce the 13th annual Tour De Natick bike ride on Sunday June 19, 2016. 
As you may know the ride benefits Natick Public Schools in many ways:

  • Scholarships for graduating seniors from Natick High School
  • Annual Elementary School Dictionary Project
  • Other education initiatives
  • In an effort to further support the Natick Public Schools, the Rotary Club of Natick would like to give a gift of $500.00 to the PTO of the school with highest percentage of student riders.   

Students and their families can sign up ahead of time at http://www.tourdenatick.org (click on "Register") or on the day of the ride.  In addition, Teachers ride for Free.
After the ride each student should come to the registration area to have their name placed on a board to be counted.  We will announce the winner at the event.  We hope to take a photo of the group of students from each school.  Students that cannot stay for the picture will be counted.

Upcoming Events and Dates

Wednesday, May 11 - PTA Meeting, 7pm, Lilja Learning Commons
Sunday, June 5 - Lilja Fair, 1-5PM

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the board with any questions.