Lilja Lingo: answers to what your child is talking about.

Field Day

This is a fun filled day at the end of the year where the children compete in different events against the other classes in their grade level. The water balloon toss and Tug-o-war are two of the favorites! Parents and siblings are welcome to join, bring a blanket/chair, water and sunscreen. We always have extra popsicles to go around. Dates and a schedule of the day's events will be sent home in June.


If you have a Kindergartener, you have probably have heard them mention their K-buddy. Each Kindergarten class pairs up with a 3rd grade class to work on their reading skills. This is a confidence building opportunity for both students in the pair and a special relationship.

Lilja Lion Cafe

As part of the second grade curriculum, students learn about the consumer/producer relationship. To put this concept into play, each second grade class (and the 1/2s) take a three-week turn running a small refreshment stand, typically serving breakfast treats, beverages and some luncheon items. This stand is located inside the school lobby on either Thursdays or Fridays beginning in late fall. Second grade students and their families participate in stocking, staffing and tallying earnings from the cafe. Please come in and support this fun and important "life-lesson”.

Multi-age Classrooms

At Lilja we have 4 multi-age classrooms, two which are half 1st graders and half 2nd graders, and two are half 3rd graders and half 4th graders. If your child gets placed in one of these classes in their 1st or 3rd grade year, they will continue with the same teacher for two years. In the spring information will be sent out from the school that explains more about these classrooms. You always have the option of opting out of these classrooms should you feel they are not for your child. 


Any student, classroom, or grade that is “caught” being Respectful, Responsible, Kind, and/or showing Engaged Learning is awarded a Pride paw. Paws are awarded by everyone to anyone! A child does NOT have to be in a teacher’s class to be recognized by them! Paws can be awarded to individual students, to the classroom as a whole, or even to the grade level. Paws are collected by the child’s classroom teacher and tallied on a weekly basis. The school works together towards a goal to earn a Positive Reward. Examples could be extra recess, popsicle day, talent show, etc.

Portfolio Day

Held on the same day as field day, parents are welcome to come into the classroom and look at all the work their children have done over the year. You will be sent home with most, as well as their Art Portfolio. The “best” of the work is saved in their School Portfolio, which is returned in total to parents on their child’s 4th grade year. This includes work from K-4 so make sure you bring tissues when you go in 4th grade!


At Lilja your child will partake in Gym, Music, Library and Art, otherwise known as specials. Kindergarteners have Library twice a week, while 1st-4th grade have Gym twice a week. Typically classes have one special a day, but sometimes scheduling requires otherwise. You will receive a schedule of these classes from your teacher.

Step-up Day

On the last day of school the students are brought to the classroom they will be in the next year. They get to meet their new teacher and learn which other students will be in their class. 4th graders participate in a special day since they are changing schools.

4th Grade Fundraising

As part of the excitement of graduating from Lilja, the 4th grade class gets to go on an all day field trip which includes a rope climbing course as well as a 4th grade day of fun! Every 4th grader also gets a T-shirt with everyone’s name on it. To offset the cost, fundraisers will happen throughout the year. Even if your child is not in 4th grade, please consider paying it forward and helping out.