General Overview

The Lilja PTO has an ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET of approximately $39,000. Expenses are broken down into five main sections—they are listed below along with a brief description of what each category covers. Contact JP Matychak for a detailed copy of the budget.


Classroom Support

28% is spent on classroom enrichment, staff requests, library support, playground support, and the principal’s budget.

Each teacher is reimbursed up to $180 for classroom items.



Cultural Arts Program

23% is given annually to the Cultural Arts Program, which brings in many wonderful performers throughout the year for the children at Lilja.

In the past the following groups came to Lilja: New England Aquarium, Earth Adventure, Jungle Encounters, Wheelock Theater, Impulse Dance Center, artist Bren Bataclan, and many performances including Little Red Riding Hood and a children's choir from Australia.

There is an open invitation to parents to attend these wonderful programs.


Field Trips

Last year, the PT0 spent 13%, to subsidize the cost of the field trips the students take to enrich their education.


Special Events

29% is spent to provide fun and social events to bring the Lilja community together. These include the all-school dance, research and discovery night, game nights, the Kindergarten picnic, the Lilja Fair, fielddays, the perennial gardens, staff appreciation days, yearbook, and the maintenance of the fish tank.


Operating Budget

7% is spent on general administrative costs such as bank fees, printing charges, the annual Lilja Scholarship (given to a Lilja alum who is graduating high school), hospitality charges, babysitting services for PTO meetings and curriculum nights, insurance, and external educational support.